Unfortunately, the school is SOLD OUT.

Please follow this link for registering to the school.

Registration deadline: 6th June, 2012
NOTE: Due to space constraints, the number of seats is limited (and as of today - March 14th - there are only a few places left!)

Student Grants

Thanks to our generous sponsors and supporters, we have the opportunity to offer financial support to a number of students who will attend the school, for covering a part of the expenses. In particular, we will have three different types of grants:

  1. grants funded by the ICT COST Action IC0901 "Rich-Model Toolkit" . These grants are reserved for students who come from research groups that are members of the above COST Action group. (See also for more information.)
  2. grants reserved to students who are affiliated to nodes of the EIT ICT Labs.
  3. grants without eligibility constraints.

Finally, for a limited number of students, there will be the possibility to stay in cheap accommodations (student dorms).

In order to submit the application please send an e-mail to:, attaching a short CV and a recommendation letter from your advisor, specifying also if you are eligible for the grants of type 1 or 2 above.

The deadline to apply for the grant is March 15th, 2012.

Applications will be judged by the school organizers according to the following criteria:

  • eligibility constraints (for type 1 and 2 grants);
  • relevance of the research interests of the candidate to SAT and SMT;
  • time of arrival of the application;
  • expected travel costs (with preference given to students coming from further away).

Notice that the amount of money of the grants might vary depending on their type (1, 2 or 3 above), ranging between 200 and 500 Euros.

Notifications will be sent to all applying students on April 15th, 2012. Grant winners must then register to the school before May 20th, 2012. If they fail to do so, their grant will be reassigned to other students.
NOTE: due to space constraints, the number of tickets for attending the school is bounded. However, all the students who apply for a grant will have a ticket reserved until May 20th, so that they do not need to register before receiving the grant notification. (This holds for all applying students, i.e. also for those who will not receive the grant).